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I am Mark Nash, the President and Founder of God’s Holistic Temple.

As for this site… The goal is simply to share some background about the church and how it was started and the vision. Just read the About Us page for more details of my ramblings.

Welcome and I pray you find something on this site that inspires you on your spiritual journey.

Peace unto you.

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GHT School

Before you read this…. This is background on the GHT black history and religious studies project. I enjoy a good conversation so this page is a moving target. So print it if necessary as I wrote it blog style. My ideas are constantly changing.

Just continue reading to learn how to get to the GHT testing website… 

Have fun…


Hello Everyone,

I would like to welcome you to the God’s Holistic Temple website.

I’ll keep it straight forward as there is so much work to be done.

GHT is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and all of your donations are tax deductible. It is a church dedicated to a holistic approach to worshiping God and developing the God within you. The goal is to develop all of your energies e.g. spiritual energy, mental energy, emotional energy, physical energy, and financial energy as part of worshiping God.

In order to address those energies, I developed GHT360. It is an online learning center. The primary focus is black history and religious studies, but I will add more topics later. I will also include topics that impact black people as a whole, but is not simply a black topic. For example, the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence impact black people, but are not simply topics of black people such as black people invented or wrote those documents.

There is no real teaching, the concept is education by educating yourself. The format is a test structure. You have been learning about black people for a while so let’s see what you know. For what you don’t know, you need to research. The goal is to inspire you to learn about black history and the contributions of black people as well as other topics.

By the way, you will learn very quickly that the further you go back in history, the blacker the planet becomes.

For now, if you want to participate in the learning course….

Perform the following steps.

Visit this site for guidance. www.ght360.org

1. I am currently putting together the courses and quizzes so just keep checking the site for new courses. The first 11, ten with a practice course, are currently available.

2. I will try to post a course list when possible.

– The current course list is below.


3. Then you register for a GHT LMS account. Just follow the wizard to create a new account with your username and password. Click on ‘Sign-up’.

4. Once you create an account, that is the self-registration component, then you self-enroll in whatever course you want. 

5. Once you are enrolled in a course, then start taking quizzes. Each course will have an introductory slide and objectives for that course and then you can take the quiz. You should focus on passing the first quiz section before moving on to the next section. There are 10 questions per section and 10 sections per course. (Note: There is a gradebook as well as additional instructions within each course to provide more guidance on how to access the slides with quizzes.)

6. The quizzes are in a 10 question format per quiz. You are required to have at least a grade of 70 on each quiz for that course in order to be eligible for a certificate of completion for that course. Refer to the GHT LMS for how to submit your package.

Note: It is of no benefit to you to just guess at the quizzes just to get to the correct answers as part of the review at the end of each quiz. Take your time. Enjoy the experience. If you do not know the subject, this is a great opportunity for you to research that topic. Just start with Google or Wikipedia….

7. There are multiple courses. Enroll in as few or as many as you want. It is completely open and self-paced; however, please do yourself a favor and do not just take the fun course first. lol…

I am still working on the details, but for now, it is $5 per course. 

8. (This feature will be added later.) Once you complete a course, be sure to generate your certificate and display it proudly on your walls and let all of your family and friends know. For now, you will need to meet the criteria and submit your package via email and then GHT will then email you your official certificate of completion.

So that’s the GHT learning management system/learning center…

The website is www.ght360.org in order to register for courses.

Just start with the Practice Course first as it is free and it will also get you familiar with the GHT LMS….