About This Site

I am Mark Nash, the President and Founder of God’s Holistic Temple.

As for this site… The goal is simply to share some background about the church and how it was started and the vision. Just read the About Us page for more details of my ramblings.

Welcome and I pray you find something on this site that inspires you on your spiritual journey.

Peace unto you.

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God’s Holistic Temple, Inc.

Attn: Mark Nash, President
8814 Sunforest Ln

Pearland, Texas 77584

GHT Donations – Support our programs!

Donation Requests

Just like any organization/church/non-profit, we are always trying to save the world annnnnd of course we need your financial support to make these things happen.

The most important project right now is a Hurricane Harvey home rebuilding project. The goal is a $50,000 grant to the homeowner to make the new build affordable. The preference is to receive these funds from the public, but GHT is open to doing this item as a loan.

For more details as well as other donation opportunities, just refer to the attachment for the details.

Donation Requests