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Experimental Strategy

Experimental Strategy

 Welcome to GHT’s Life Strategy Ideas!

Experimental Strategy


You should make sure that you pay attention to your goals. Some goals are short, medium, or long term. Some goals are spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, or financial. Your goal is to be aware of what goals fall into which categories. This allows you to hone in on the resources and skills necessary to accomplish those goals.

Action Plan

A plan should be rigid enough to keep you focused and flexible enough to allow you room to change directions. An important thing to note. Face the challenges!!! This is what makes life fun!!! If you are not having fun in life, then you are not doing it right is what an Admiral told my class; and I agree. You should be preparing yourself to take risks. This is important regardless of if the risks are personal or business. Remember, however, these are calculated risks. These are risks that have plans attached to them. Don’t worry this is not going to take away any spontaneity in life. Smile…


Have fun!!! Execute the plan!!! Review the plan on a regular basis. I am confident that you know who you are and what you are trying to accomplish so it is not a necessity to write down everything. This allows you to brainstorm strategies to accomplish your goals on a regular basis. As a recommendation, you can use the New Year’s Holiday as an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and make new goals for the next year. Many people frown on resolutions, but I think they are a wonderful idea. Even if you do not accomplish any of them, I think they are very essential in giving any person’s life a sense of direction and even purpose. If you make resolutions that lack conviction, then it would only make sense that over time, you will determine that it is a worthless activity to even think about resolutions let alone write them down. The prime example is the person that says each year they plan to lose weight, but do not develop a strategy e.g. plan to execute. By the way, if a person starts off the new year strong e.g. working out on a regular basis, but then stop by February; I still consider that person successful for that year. They have to understand what interrupted their regimen and how to either change the interruptions or work with the interruption in addition to understanding the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial components of the particular circumstances/interruptions..

Experimental Strategy


This is a self-esteem experiment. Unfortunately, we are all criticized on a regular basis. We do not necessarily receive the pat on the back at work for doing a good job. The management recognition in front of the company once a quarter is not enough in my opinion. This will be a fun experiment. Pick a Sunday and do this experiment for four weeks.


1. Write down a goal for each category (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial). These goals should be measurable goals  such as:


1) I will improve my spiritual health by going to church at least three times during the next four week period. (Note: It can be church or whatever activity you use to develop your spiritual health/energy.)

2) I will pray at least fifteen minutes twice a week.

3) I will join a meditation group.

4) I will do yoga at least twice a week.

5) I will do a sun salutation exercise at least once a week.


1) I will design a study schedule consisting of two-hour periods twice a week.

2) I will read for two hours at least twice a week.


1) I will have at least one conversation of sharing with my significant other.

2) I will ask or call my family and consistently ask them “how was their day or how was work?” e.g. take a sincere interests in their lives at least 2 times a week.


1) I will lose 4 pounds over the next 4 weeks (1 pound/week).

2) I will work out for 45 minutes of cardio three times a week which includes an 8 minute stretching warm-up and 7 minute stretching cool down.

3) I will limit my empty calories by replacing them with fruit.

     – Less than 5 sodas a week.

     – At least 5 all natural fruit smoothies a week. Type O blood type – cherries, mangoes, blueberries, pineapples, and spinach in your smoothie.


4) I will increase my green vegetable intake during this period.

     – At least one serving of broccoli for the 4 week period.

     – At least one salad consisting of romaine lettuce or spinach with no ranch dressing.

5) I will limit my meat selection to grilled chicken, salmon, tuna, and steak. Grassfed and organic meats with no hormones are good for you. No pork.

6) I will limit my carbohydrates before bed e.g. no cookies, peanuts, ice-cream, potatoes, soda, corn, pasta, e.g. eat then goto sleep. By the way, it is said that women have lower serotonin levels then men; and it is recommend that you have baked potato e.g. a spud before bed. You should do your own research on serotonin. For now, no spuds before bed, at least for this 4 week period.



1) Do not use your credit cards for the 4 week period.

2) Pay more than your minimum. (You should pay more on the higher interest credit cards to pay those off first as well as payoff the smaller balance cards first.)

3) Spend less than $5/day at the vending machines.

4) Spend less than $15 going out to eat per outing.

2. Begin this experiment on a Sunday. Keep a journal. You can use Microsoft Outlook or Word, or some good old fashion pen and paper. On each Sunday, before you go to sleep, record how you feel. Record how well you are accomplishing your goals.

Reminder: You should have designed a plan to accomplish your goals. Your goals should be challenging, but achievable and measurable. The goals that I listed are just examples. Feel free to use these or design your own. An example of a measurable goal is I will lose 15 pounds. An example of a lofty goal is I will lose weight. The goal associated with an amount can be monitored.

3. Post your goals in an area where you will be continually reminded of your goals. Some places could be the back of your bedroom door or on the refrigerator. My goals are posted next to my computer and next to the door leading out of my computer room.

4. Here’s something fun. Post these signs around the house. The purpose is to create a positive environment until you feel healthy. Don’t worry about the categories because each will affect your energies. Reminder: Other things that create positive environments are plants (Eucalyptus recommended), pets, aromatherapy candles (Lavender recommended or follow the scent associated with you on the Chakra chart), and incenses. Here are the signs:

1) I am a good person.

2) I am spiritually strong.

3) I am happy with who I am. (This one is important for weight loss. This one is self-acceptance.)

4) Without struggle, there is no progress.

5) Although I am overweight, I am happy with who I am. I will work to lose weight.

6) Although the world has some bad things, there are also very many good things.

7)The past defines who I am today, but I define who I am tomorrow.

8) It is not how hard you push along the way, but having something in you to finish.

9) I refuse to be a victim.

10) I define me, not the world.

11) If you act like a victim, then the world will treat you like a victim.

12) Let everything that you do be an expression of Love.

13) Be patient.

14) Understanding yourself helps others understand you.

15) If you are not having fun in life, then you are not doing it right.

Be sure to create your own affirmations and even record them if necessary. Making them your own will have more impact on you.


1. On the fifth Sunday, review your journal.

2. Review your feelings.

3. Review how well you accomplished your goals.

4. The experiment actually ended on the fourth Sunday. Did you consciously or subconsciously continue to work towards your goals during the last week?

5. Finally, how do you feel about yourself after the experiment compared to before the experiment. Remember, if you did not accomplish any of your goals, there is still no need to get down on yourself. This should actually be a time for you to reflect and determine what areas you need to improve.

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