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I am Mark Nash, the President and Founder of God’s Holistic Temple.

As for this site… The goal is simply to share some background about the church and how it was started and the vision. Just read the About Us page for more details of my ramblings.

Welcome and I pray you find something on this site that inspires you on your spiritual journey.

Peace unto you.

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Mental Energy

Mental Strategy

Mental Theory

It can be debated about what things are included in mental energy. There are certain core things that are included regardless of any book that you read. Not only that, you will be able to apply the strategy that best fits you. I purposely limited the number of strategies because I feel that you are already bombarded with so much information. You need to access good information in a short time that has long-term affects.

Mental Strategy

1. Read! Read! Read!

How: If you are in school, whether high school, vocational, or college, you should find something in your current studies that interests you. If your current studies stress you out, then you should read magazines or books that have absolutely nothing to do with your studies. It could be a hobby or new interest.

Why: Your goal is to build a knowledge base. You should be reading to improve your comprehension skills. Knowledge is not isolated. Things that you learn and experience are transferable to all aspects of your life.

2. Catch up on your history.

How: Go to the library. Use the internet. Another strategy is to view documentaries on your public television station or YouTube. History is fascinating when you see how the decisions of the past affect you today and possibly in the future. Of course, visit the GHT learning center and take a course.

Why: History helps you understand where you fit in this very huge, but small global community.

3. Do math.

How: Buy a workbook. If you can not recall and apply algebra concepts, you should consider this strategy. You should be able to do at least some of first level calculus.

Why: Math helps to develop inductive and deductive reasoning skills. These skills are used in everyday life from balancing checkbooks to disciplining your children. It shows how to work from a little problem backwards to see the big picture. It also shows how to work from the big picture forward to the specific details. Math is a very important component for developing problem solving skills especially proving theorems in geometry.

4. Exercise good morality.

How: Be honest with yourself and those around you. In a nutshell, do unto others as you will have them to do unto you. Note: I do realize that sometimes the world is cruel and sometimes we are forced to be in positions where it would seem more logical to treat a person not how you want to be treated, but how they are used to being treated. Instead of doing that, just set a proper boundary for that person that allows you and them both to maintain sanity.

Why: This makes for a healthier spirit without undue stress.

5. Understand that there are many alternatives to a given situation.

How: Do not be afraid to be creative e.g. ‘think outside of the the box’. Some options are not always staring you right in the face. Write down the pros and cons if necessary. This strategy is true whether the situation is a career or family decisions.

Why: It prevents you from isolating yourself. It also helps you to develop your problem solving skills.

6. Challenge yourself to be better than the day before in all aspects of your life.

How: Keep yourself reminded of your goals by posting them. Reminder: Be focused on your future, but live in the present. Just for the record, this is the one that I struggle with also.

Why: Keeps you motivated towards your priorities.