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I am Mark Nash, the President and Founder of God’s Holistic Temple.

As for this site… The goal is simply to share some background about the church and how it was started and the vision. Just read the About Us page for more details of my ramblings.

Welcome and I pray you find something on this site that inspires you on your spiritual journey.

Peace unto you.

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What We Believe

Because the concepts of spiritual identity and even the existence of humans is complicated, I figured that it was important to share some of our key GHT beliefs.

Does GHT believe in God?

Yes! There is no greater love and/or entity greater than the concept of God.


Is the GHT God the same as Jesus Christ?

No! White Jesus is never welcome in my home! 

Note: I tend to be accidentally controversial, but we live in a society such that if I was not abusive to the reader, you guyz would not read anything that I wrote. lol…. Also, read more before you just focus on my statement about imagery as there is more to the story.


What is GHT’s views on Christianity?

GHT’s views on Christianity is that there is a polarity in Christianity. The concept of polarity is throughout the universe and GHT agrees with that polarity concept as described by the Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy.

I would add that there is cultural Christianity and there is spiritual Christianity. Spiritual Christianity is likely a beautiful thing which focuses on love, spiritual concepts, and leading a positive life in accordance with Biblical Principles.

However, cultural Christianity appears to focus on materialism and divide and conquer strategies with white people pegged as the rulers and all non-whites are supposed to be the slaves to the oppressor. And for that reason, GHT rejects white Jesus, white oppressive symbolism, white imagery, and white cultural Christianity.

Note: A key item to remember or to be aware of is that the black church actually existed before the founding of the Declaration of Independence of what would become the United States of 1776. That is something you will learn if you decide to take the black history courses. So the concept of the black church and how it relates to Christianity and the white people’s influence on black Christianity is still a topic worth exploring and understanding.

What does GHT believe as it relates to who was here first, black people or white people?

To only focus on black and white people really ignores all the other races on the planet. GHT is still on a spiritual journey and developing that understanding. As for what GHT has been exposed to includes 1) The Earth is a zoo where multiple races from surrounding planets have chosen to come to planet Earth; 2) Black people were on the planet first and all other races were created from black people; and 3) Black people were here first, but did not create all the other races. The other races including white people were created by advanced beings. Black people are essentially half man and half God whereas those with less melanin are half man and half monkey. Hence the rhesus monkey theory.

But there are no discrepancies and/or doubts that the further you go back in history, the blacker the planet becomes. Hence, the reason for the spiritual journey! The planet is filled with beautiful people of all races and all races have the potential for good and evil. So this is not simply a website that will tell you that Black people are sleeping Gods and white people are evil and demonic. That oversimplification just makes for a crazy world. This is a website dedicated to the exploration of world history and turns out…. The study of world history in many respects is the study of black history or more specifically the study of people with melanin all over the planet.

Does GHT believe in life after death?

Yes. The Earth is a holographic concept such that everything that we experience here is an illusion. Actually, everything that we are experiencing happens in the spiritual universe first and then we manifest it in the Earthly material universe.

The key to anything that you want in the material universe is through meditation and focus on God.

Does GHT believe in reincarnation?

Yes. Energy is neither created nor nor destroyed, it is only transformed. The concept that we are spiritual energy beings having a human experience is what GHT believes. 

For that reason, each one of us have chosen to come to this planet to either learn something, teach something, or maybe a less complicated idea, we stopped by on this planet on our way to another side of the universe.

The key however is that we are here so please learn that lesson that you forgot in your past life or teach that lesson that you were supposed to teach to this world. Oooooooor just enjoy your vacation here on your way to your next destination. Smile…

Does GHT believe that everyone is here for a reason or that life has meaning?

Yes and no. Life in itself has no no meaning. Each day that we wake to a new day, we must choose to live with meaning and purpose.

Here is where the no, life has no meaning gets complicated. 

Life does have meaning and purpose, but we must keep living and doing things until God chooses to reveal that meaning and purpose to us.

This is part of the concept of co-creation and reincarnation.

What does GHT believe as it relates to can a human be a God?

If you are half man and half God, then you are a God. If you are half man and half monkey, then there is no part of you that has the essence of God so therefore you can not be God.

Now that would seem logical, but nothing exists until created by God so therefore everything is of God. An item only becomes evil or destructive if it goes against the essence of existence essentially goes against the God of creation. This takes us back to the concept of polarity. 

In order to appreciate good in the world, there must be evil. But even with that evil, it is a matter of perspective as one person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter.

Does GHT believe in co-creators?

Yes. For some the term ‘God’ translates to generator, operator, and destroyer. So to be co-creators, we are always performing those three individual tasks. This is the reason that I tell people all the time that ‘you define you!’. I bring my thoughts and you bring your thoughts and we are both influenced by the experience. So essentially, we are co-creating, but as an individual I am also always creating and defining the universe that I see.

An easy example would be….

In my wild description of the world… You are currently looking at your computer screen. There is nothing behind you until you turn around. As you are turning around to look at what is behind you, you are creating that imagery.

Now imagine this for a second… If everything is energy and nothing exists until you create it, then should you not be able to manifest anything you can imagine?

Yep, my friends that is how this website came to me. lol… To explore those concepts via the study of history and other topics.


What does GHT believe a person can do to improve their time on this planet?

Your goal should be to be focused on on God! As part of your spiritual journey, you must come to your own understanding of God. The world is your oyster and all holy books from the Bible to the Q’uran are your guides. 

It is important to note that books are written by humans so therefore everyone you encounter is a book so use that opportunity to learn from that person regardless of age, color, creed, ethnicity, gender, disability, etc.

There are two goals. One of your goals should be to birth out of your animal instincts into human compassion. This is a state beyond polarity where you start to see the universe as one. Meaning, the concept of the universal one is that the only thing that separates you from me is our ego.

The second goal is to get into the zone. GHT’s concept of the zone is where you are consistently focused on God and the beauty of God. So pray early and pray often and just meditate on God.

Does GHT believe that God is a man or a woman?

At this point, it does not matter. GHT believes that since the concept of the birth and creation of the universe is a feminine principal, if God had to have a gender, then likely God would be a woman.

The reality however is that a gender role assigned to God is a human concept. Although the Kybalion: Hermetic principles would tell you that the universe is composed of masculine and feminine energies, the need to define God as a man or woman seems to be governed by whomever’s in charge such as a patriarchal vs matriarchal society.

The item that does need additional research however is that through electromagnetism, it is said that a woman actually does not need a man to reproduce. She can fertilize an egg on her own and like other species can produce a male child in order to continue the species. Considering that all humans begin in the womb as female first, then this concept of male vs female for defining a God does give way to the logic that God is likely a woman if it was mandatory to assign a gender to God.

Buuuuut your takeaways should be as follows:

1) God is beyond the concept of a human so God is God and humans are humans. It is like trying to get an ant to define a human. The ant knows that humans exist, but would likely not be able to put us into words when talking to fellow ants.


2) Trying to define a universal energy as a gender is pointless. It is equivalent to trying to define gravity as male or female.


much more importantly…

God is awesome and who cares about gender… Just Love God, love others, and take care of those less fortunate than you.