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I am Mark Nash, the President and Founder of God’s Holistic Temple.

As for this site… The goal is simply to share some background about the church and how it was started and the vision. Just read the About Us page for more details of my ramblings.

Welcome and I pray you find something on this site that inspires you on your spiritual journey.

Peace unto you.

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Emotional Energy

Emotional Strategy

Emotional Theory

 This is the earthly part of you. It is different than the spiritual energy because the spiritual energy focuses on such things as God, life after death, connection to the universe, purpose, etc. The emotional energy focuses on love, hate, fear, acceptance, etc. It should be intuitive for the spiritual energy to be a higher energy because it contains the essence of our existence. It also controls all of the other energies.

 Emotional Strategy

1. Face your fears.

How: Ask the tough questions. Are you afraid of success? Are you lonely? Are you happy with your relationship?

Why: This allows you to work towards overcoming fears once you acknowledge what they are and what potentially caused them.

2. Get active in your community.

How: Go to church. Join a sorority or fraternity. Join a career organization such as the Totally Networking Thursdays, National Association of Black Accountants, Urban League, or Toastmasters.

Why: This prevents you from feeling isolated. It allows you to be connected to your community and specifically to people with similar interests.

3. Learn about you!!!

How: Find out what you like and dislike. Start new interests and/or hobbies. Discover your strongest and weakest personality traits by talking with friends and family.

Why: Understanding who you are helps you understand how to interact with others. This also helps you understand how you complement others and how they complement you.

4. Learn how to express your feelings.

How: The easiest way is to keep a journal. You are encouraged to write in it as often as you would like. It is actually too stressful to write everyday if you feel that you do not have anything to say, so just write often enough to be consistent. You could also get an internet penpal. This will give you feedback; and also encourages you to clarify statements concerning your feelings. Note: FaceBook and other social media sites are not always the best places to keep your journal. You might want to consider doing a blog or vlog, but I recommend that you avoid using social media to be overly transparent as social media can be cruel.

Why: This strengthens all of your relationships whether with God, the spiritual universe, family, friends, employee(s), or employer(s)/co-workers.

5. Understand how the world makes you feel.

How: Once in a while, take note of how different environments make you feel. For an example, if going to certain environments make you feel unhappy or helpless, work to understand why. Understanding the cause allows you to deal with the effects in your everyday life.

Why: As you continue to learn and grow, your feelings continue to change. The goal is to continue to have positive changes.

6. Get counseling.

How: Counseling can exist in many forms. It can be from a licensed professional, a leader in a church, or someone who is completely out of your circle of family and friends.

Why: It helps to get an objective opinion about your situation. Of course, it is a one-sided story, but that is not the point. It is opportunity for someone to help you work through your internal dialogues to get to the root of what’s really bothering you.

7. Consider these three principles. Forgiveness, acceptance, and closure.

How: These three principles have alot to do with you understanding you. These have worked for me as I learned about me over time. They may or may not work for you, but I still think you should consider them.

Why: The principle of ‘Forgiveness’ has alot to do with letting go. It can be anything from letting go of a failed relationship, letting go a career choice where you spent a bazillion years trying to get to that level of success only to find that you hate your career choice, letting go of a friendship that you have outgrowned, or just letting go of an insecurity such as not being financially secure or being overweight.

8. Statement about sex. Practice breathing and relaxation techniques.

How: Massages, aromatherapy, touching, eye contact, and sound.

Why: Actually, I was not going to say anything about sex, but because we are humans and it is a major component of our auras, I am going to make a couple of statements. 

It is said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. In  a relationship, it is important to make eye contact with your significant other on a regular e.g. daily basis regardless of your inhibitions whether career related or weight related. If you want to test the concept; Do an acting exercise called mirroring. This is where you look into the eyes of another person and you mirror their ways. It is not copying, but mirroring without breaking eye contact. For me, as I stared into the eyes of my lady, I begin to no longer see them, but to see myself. Now that’s deep. Needless to say at the end of the exercise, I was spiritually drained. Not only that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, it is said that we tend to focus on that which we love. You can love many things, just make sure that priorities are in order. As for how does this relate to sex… Eye contact during sex has turned sex from a lower energy experience to a spiritual experience. By the way, if you are having sex and your partner’s eyes are closed or while on top, she or he looks left or right and never at you, then she or he may or may not be focused on you. They can be anywhere. They can be fantasizing. They can be inside their own head. They could easily be inside their own bodies focusing on the friction from intercourse or the sensations from touch. The only point is that eye contact during sex takes it to a spiritual experience. It is also said that the skin is an organ e.g. the largest organ. I am not going to get into trying to locate where the most sensitive nerve endings are on your significant other’s body because you will learn that as you go, but I will say that if you focus on that which you love, then any part of the body is a turn-on. As for massages and aromatherapy, these are a combination of touching and engaging the senses. The power of breath is powerful. Rhythmic and synchronized breathing and sounds of love e.g. moaning from both partners empowers sex and takes it from physical, the f— word, to the spiritual, the love making words.

Now it can go either way, it can be argued that those who engage in causal sex have developed any of the following: 1) the ability to tap into their spirit and become so focused during the acts of sex that their orgasms are so intense that they constantly crave the surge of endorphins; or 2) they are overachievers; so there is a constant mental challenge that must be satisfied through either sexual conquest or sexual deception and manipulation; or 3) the emotional energy has allowed that person to be either defined by their sexual energy or they have managed to equate sex to love, or they have learned to hate their lives so much that they use sex to escape the realities of their life. It could, however, just be sex for the need to be accepted or maybe a low self-esteem or better yet, it may be just what it is a healthy and natural expression of love; or 4) the sex may be tied to the physical energy and the person may just have sensitive organs that crave that friction or possibly just a hormonal imbalance that causes a constant urge for sex and if in the wrong environment may get that urge satisfied whether they like it or not. By the way, the person could just be either bored, a college student, living in poverty, or really enjoy either the exercise or the fun act of sex, and just do it as a form of casual sex. It could also just be the call of the wild where aggression is the part that is defined as sexy with respect to making a woman feel safe and secure. Combine this with romance to satisfy the emotional energy and you have the media’s thugs, gangstas, and bad boys; or finally, 5) in the world of casual sex, you can never rule out the oldest profession e.g. sex for money whether in the form of prostitution or in the form of an unhealthy, unloving marriage, that is based solely on sex. So, as you can tell, sex can be a very complicated topic. In my opinion, the thing that complicates sex is when either partner brings their insecurities whether about money, the status of the relationship as in, if it is going well or about to end, career choices, or whatever into the bedroom. My recommendation is to work towards centering your thoughts via yoga or some other relaxation/breathing techniques, and you may experience more intense orgasms and an overall healthier sex life. By the way, if you are looking for specifics on how to improve your sex life e.g. what to touch and what to kiss, their are a bazillion books on the topic. My only intent was, to say based on my experience, that it is possible to have an emotional energy and for this particular topic e.g. sex and to say how does that relate to the more powerful spiritual energy. I wish you well my friends on your journey. Another way of saying all of that is ‘reduce stress for greater sex’. Smile…