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I am Mark Nash, the President and Founder of God’s Holistic Temple.

As for this site… The goal is simply to share some background about the church and how it was started and the vision. Just read the About Us page for more details of my ramblings.

Welcome and I pray you find something on this site that inspires you on your spiritual journey.

Peace unto you.

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God’s Holistic Temple, Inc.

Attn: Mark Nash, President
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GHT History

It is not simply easy to describe GHT’s history. If you are looking for an official start date that declare’s GHT’s history…. then that start date is January 1, 2008. 

That date represents the official start date as it relates to nonprofit status with the state of Texas and 501(c)3 status with the federal government.

But instead of just giving you statistical information, I figured it was better to give you the background.

My name is Mark Nash. I am the President and Founder of God’s Holistic Temple. I was born on December 18, 1973 in Houston, Texas. I was raised in Christianity, specifically in a baptist church. I knew early on that Christianity was not for me. There were just too many things that did not make sense to me. As for what those things were, that is beyond the scope of this post and a much longer story. But to summarize, I feel that in Christianity, I was taught to be inferior to white people and my spirit consistently rejected such a horrible thought.

For that reason and many others, when I graduated from high school and joined the U.S. Navy in 1992, I specifically remember having a nervous breakdown and screaming and on that day I rejected and officially denounced Christianity and asked God to allow me to find my own way.

I would still go through my shares of doubts and insecurities over the years, but I understand now that was part of the reconciliation process. I would undergo different titles as part of my spiritual journey from being a Christian to a convenient Christian to an atheist that did not believe in God to even a term that I created called an apathist where did not care if there was a God or not to where I am today which is….

I believe in God and there is no greater entity or energy or universal conversation greater than the concept and realization that there is a God. For me, it is much more than a leap of faith and even more than just a collection of experiences. It is a combination of those things and then some. So instead of trying to explain to you who God is, I took the approach that we are all on a spiritual journey and you must find your way as I did for me.

The nice thing is that I learned that I do not need your approval which means that my understanding of God is fine just the way it is. When asked…. I just simply say that I believe in God and leave it at that.

As for why is the above important? Easy… I did not fit into Christianity and I decided that I will refuse to bow to white people in Christianity and I will refuse to bow to Arab people in Islam. Soooooo I decided to start my own religion/church which is how God’s Holistic Temple came into existence.